Use case: Automated internal document processing of engineering files

August 19, 2014

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Use case: Automated internal document processing of engineering filesRead the use case to learn more

We’re lucky to work with such a diverse group of customers who continuously amaze us with the varied ways in which they use our product, Adlib PDF. We’re taking it upon ourselves to share as many customer stories as we can in order to inspire others to take a look at new ways they may be able to leverage their Adlib investment.

Improving engineering document processes

One of our customers in the manufacturing industry deals with many complex electrical project documents and engineering CAD files. They needed a way to easily render around 8 million documents to high quality PDF per project, and they needed a scalable solution that would seamlessly integrate with their 3 existing systems: EMC DocumentumMicrosoft SharePoint and Dassault ENOVIA.

Adlib’s CAD engine preserves CAD layers as PDF layers so users can focus on the relevant details of complex designs while maintaining CAD integrity. In addition, its scalable architecture allowed this organization to add additional capacity to meet growing rendering requirements. Finally, Adlib’s easy integration with multiple platforms enabled this organization to include PDF rendering as part of existing systems and workflows so that end users didn’t require training for new software. Read the use case to learn more.

To explore how your organization can achieve similar benefits, get in touch with our Customer Success team, or read more use cases here.

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