Use case: Achieving cost savings and compliance in life sciences manufacturing

August 13, 2014

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Achieving cost savings and compliance in life sciences manufacturing thumbRead the Use Case to learn more

We love being able to share stories about how our longtime customers are improving their document processes by integrating Adlib PDF into their current systems. These specific use cases are designed to give our readers an in-depth look at how one particular organization achieved benefits with the help of Adlib’s technology. By showcasing real-world customers’ experiences with the product, we hope to inspire others to aim for similar benefits in their organization. (In fact, we have a whole department dedicated to helping customers achieve greater benefits from their investments: Customer Success.)

Life sciences manufacturing use case

One of our long-standing customers works in the manufacturing section of a large life sciences organization. They were using 2 main internal systems to manage their documents: EMC Documentum and Dassault ENOVIA. For them, meeting stringent compliance regulations was a necessity. They needed to provide traceability in case of product recalls and reduce manufacturing downtime costs.

By integrating Adlib PDF directly into their existing systems – EMC Documentum and Dassault ENOVIA – this life sciences organization was able to automate the rendering of critical submissions and process documents to high-quality, searchable PDF. This allowed them to save millions of dollars in operating costs while ensuring that compliance goals were met. To learn more details about how this was made possible, read the use case here.

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