On-demand webinar: Collaborating with CAD? Yes, it’s possible!

April 4, 2014

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Watch the on-demand webinar – CAD Collaboration: Advanced Rendering to the Rescue

Recently, Adlib hosted a webinar, CAD Collaboration: Advanced Rendering to the Rescue.  During this session, we ran a few poll questions with the audience. It was interesting to learn that just under 4% of webinar participants work in organizations that support a mobile CAD viewing solution.  In fact, one of the challenges with CAD software is that it has limited mobile or tablet compatibility to view documents in the field.  When you think of the extent to which we use our mobile phones and tablets, it seems to make sense that this has to change!  For instance, think about the engineers and architects working in the office and the draftsmen, foremen and technicians working in the field. How do they collaborate on design and engineering aspects?

Is there a solution? I would say yes – convert the CAD documents to PDF!

Enabling collaboration with PDF

PDF is already a global ISO standard. It enables enhanced collaboration, searchability and security of the documents and designs across platforms.  The other benefit of using CAD-to-PDF technology is that the stakeholders don’t need to worry about the vendor or software version, not to mention the additional cost of incremental desktop licenses.

CAD used across industries

It was interesting to learn that there is still a perception that CAD is used only in the engineering industry.  The fact is CAD software is common in many verticals, including architecture, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing and construction.  In addition to CAD formats used by engineers, it is also used in designs, RFP responses and annual reports. In fact, as we discussed in the webinar, CAD software sales are growing each year, with the Global CAD market expected to post a CAGR of 8.6% during the period of 2012-2016.

Below are a few of the questions I captured during the live session:

Q: Does this CAD software also deal with other formats apart from DWG?

A: Yes, Adlib PDF supports over a dozen of the most common CAD file formats, including DWG as well as DXF, IAM, IDW, IPT, DLV, and PRT.

Q: Does CAD software support MS Visio files?

A: Adlib PDF converts over 400+ file types including Visio. You could render both CAD and Visio and merge them into 1 single document.

Q: Does Adlib require the original CAD software for rendering to PDF?

A: No.

Rather than write more, I encourage you to watch the on-demand webinar for further details.

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