Live webinar: Is your content working hard or hardly working?

April 15, 2014

2 minute read

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Are your organization’s valuable assets trapped in silos and under producing? Have your documents been tossed aside and largely ignored for the value they hold?

Give your documents the attention they deserve!

Most organizations overlook the content and leave it to individual departments to deal with, thereby creating the “silo effect”. By deploying relevant tools, most of the content can be made available enterprise-wide. By automating the conversion of documents into standardized formats that are accessible and usable as digital assets, organizations can improve collaboration, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce costs company-wide.

Grab hold of your content and don’t let it go!

Incorporating Advanced Rendering integration with your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is designed to help the enterprise achieve and accomplish multiple document-related tasks such as converting them into standardized formats like PDF, inserting page numbers or tables of contents and even digital signatures, watermarks and many other enhancements. Many organizations have implemented Advanced Rendering for specific projects or within certain departments within the organization. But deploying this technology across the company will multiply the benefits.

Advanced Rendering as a tool to provide enterprise-wide efficiency

Adlib’s Advanced Rendering tool provides broad business process improvement when implemented enterprise-wide, such as:

  1. Ease of access across multiple repositories (ECMs or PLMs)
  2. Increased content collaboration opportunities across departments
  3. Document consistency and accuracy throughout the organization

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Join us for a live webinar on April 30th: Advanced Rendering – make your content work across departments to find out how you can improve collaboration across the organization by using Advanced Rendering technology to automatically transform content to PDF and increase efficiency across the enterprise. During this session, you can also hear how customers in various industries have used Advanced Rendering across the enterprise to improve efficiency.

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