Happy Administrative Professionals Day from Adlib!

April 23, 2014

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My mom was a secretary in the traditional sense. I’m not talking fancy titles like “Executive Assistant” or “Administrative Office Manager” (even though she did everything they do…and more!), I’m talking old-school secretary: typewriting, mailing, filing – the works. It’s likely because of this I’m so invested in celebrating Administrative Professionals Day.

She worked in an era before typewriters had error-correcting tapes, so she had to be exact in her work – she didn’t make mistakes. If she wanted to make multiple copies of something, she had to use carbon paper. She could type 100 words per minute – even in our day that’s an incredible speed. So to my mom and all of the other administrative professionals out there, both past and present, I raise a glass!

Administrative challenges remain the same – but they don’t have to

A lot has changed since my mom was in the prime of her career, but a lot of the document-related issues remain the same.

We have computers, photocopiers, tablets – so much technology to streamline document processes for today’s administrative professionals. However, there are a number of administrative tasks that are still not as efficient as they could be.

In large enterprise organizations with several end users performing administrative document-related tasks, there is a lot that can be streamlined. Some examples of inefficient processes you might see in your organization include:

  • Completing an expense form with editable fields, workflow approval, electronic signatures, and automated ERP integration
  • Merging and assembling various file formats into a single standard format, such as materials for board books or sales proposals
  • Searching or indexing business-critical documents with hundreds of pages, including scanned images and text

Sound familiar? Sometimes it can take days to complete simple tasks like the above when using basic rendering or desktop software. Multiply that time lost by the amount of people in your organization performing these tasks, and, well…I bet that’s a lot of money that could be saved.

Read up on improving administrative document processes

Using Adlib’s Advanced Rendering product, however, can save your organization and your administrative professionals a lot of headaches and a lot of dollars. Take a look at this white paper, Advanced Rendering: Optimizing Business Process Efficiency Through Document Transformation, to get a better understanding on how to improve the efficiency of your administrative document-related tasks.

Administrative professionals, and my mom, will thank you!

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