#EMCWorld: A premier event for managing your business content

April 29, 2014

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Register now for EMC World and come by the Adlib booth!

Right off the cuff, please don’t consider my post today as a pitch for readers to sign up for this event. I do not receive monetary (or any other) gains in any shape or form from your attendance at EMC World.

There are so many events and shows from all sorts of providers, vendors, partners and industry associations that it is becoming increasingly challenging to decide what to participate in and what to abstain from.

With big data becoming more and more real, bringing along its unique challenges, it is imperative for everyone to get a handle on how to manage these potential issues. EMC Documentum creates the infrastructure which can help organizations deal with the data growth. So, if you’re currently using EMC Documentum, you might already be a few steps ahead of the pack.

Need a reason to attend EMC World?

Adlib has participated in this event every year, attending with an entire team and loads of paraphernalia – setting up a booth, presenting technical demos and helping our joint Documentum and Adlib customers understand the integration and subtle nuances of Advanced Rendering. But, if you consider the following data based on the survey from EMC Documentum from their previous events, this event might be worth attending:

  1. 98% said they would recommend EMC World to colleagues
  2. 97% said that the knowledge gained at EMC World will make them more effective in their work
  3. 96% said EMC World is worth the investment

In addition to this, there are over 500 breakout sessions with industry experts, EMC products and EMC partner experts present. This results in more than 60 professional exams offered free of charge, over 30 self-paced hands-on labs and more than a dozen instructor led experiences.

Needless to say, it is not a difficult choice to attend this event.

Integrating with EMC Documentum

We attend this show by virtue of us being a valued partner of EMC Documentum. Enterprise Content Management systems are fantastic tools for managing content. Yet there are a few elements that all content management systems rely on their partners to add on to complete or compliment their technology. Adlib integrates Advanced Rendering with Documentum. This means advanced features and functionality around document conversion, automation and rendering. These elements are critical in certain industries such as Life SciencesFinance or Government. If you’re within any of these verticals or are trying to resolve document conversion, automation or rendering challenges or want to learn about Adlib PDF integration with Documentum, I would recommend visiting our booth at the show and talk to our PDF Experts.

See you on May 5, 2014. We’ll be at Booth 1023.

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