K2 #FASTFWD Roadshow Round 2: Coming to a city near you

May 12, 2014

2 minute read

Register for the K2 FAST FWD Roadshow in a city near you

Businesses are debating how to tap into their dark data, and figure out how to ingest and capture the information all the way to electronic archiving. During this document process, organizations need to leverage the information scattered across their organization to allocate work to the right people and make optimal business decisions.

To help decision makers review some options and discuss the challenges with their peers and industry experts, K2 organized their K2 FAST FWD conference earlier this year in March in Las Vegas. As expected, the conference was sold out within days. It was a great show which had some good sessions and a lot of learning opportunities for participants. But since the conference was sold out, there were a lot of businesses and professionals who could not make it. As a result, K2 has decided to morph their FAST FWD conference into a roadshow! This conference helps to give those professionals who could not make it to the conference a chance to attend a stop in their city and to spread the knowledge to a larger audience.

Adlib + K2 = A powerful partnership

K2 software allows people to build and run business process applications, including forms, workflow, data and reports. Adlib PDF provides enterprise-grade automated document-to-PDF conversion, rendering and publishing. It integrates with K2 and most of the top Enterprise Content Management systems.

Together Adlib + K2 pack a powerful punch by enabling businesses to truly automate their business processes! Check out this datasheet for further details.

Join us at the K2 FAST FWD Roadshow

Whether you are an existing Adlib PDF user, a K2 customer, using both these technologies together or looking to enhance your business application, workflow or document-to-PDF automation or conversion, you will benefit a lot from this roadshow. If you’re in and around Denver, New York, Vancouver or San Francisco, register for the event and learn from your peers and industry experts.

We hope to see you on a stop of the K2 Fast FWD Roadshow!

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