Adlib 5.2 is now available!

August 18, 2014

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Adlib PDF 5.2 Product LaunchUpgrade to Adlib 5.2 today

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest product upgrade: Adlib 5.2. This minor release builds on the success of our existing platform and delivers superior functionality and performance. With Adlib 5.2, users can experience some incredible benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Archive Capabilities: Now providing comprehensive support for enterprise-grade archiving strategies, Adlib PDF 5.2 includes support for all ISO archiving standards, including PDF/A-1 through PDF/A-3 and conformance levels a, b and u. This is particularly beneficial for organizations who wish to archive multiple formats and attachments, such as emails and faxes, as part of their long-term archiving goals.
  • Increased Support for Multiple Input and Output Formats: Adlib PDF 5.2 further extends our Advanced Rendering capabilities by introducing enhancements for rendering AutoCAD DWG files to ensure the highest fidelity possible. We have also added support for the creation of multiple file formats in a single job and enhanced output to printers, reducing spool time and storage space required to print as well as increasing support for color and multiple page sizes and orientations.
  • Improved Enterprise Environment Performance Across All Products: Our introduction of a 64-bit OCR engine enables lower fail rates and faster processing of larger files and pages for organizations that demand high quality, mass scalability and protection for their critical content. Adlib PDF 5.2 also delivers improved support for allocating engine resources by geography, environment or task by enabling the configuration of each server to belong to one or more groups, allowing submitted jobs to be directed to any group. We have also added support for Windows Server 2012 R2.

Learn more about Adlib 5.2 here. If you’re interested in upgrading your software to Adlib 5.2, contact us via this form or email the Customer Success team. You can also review our Maintenance Policy here.

We hope you’re pleased with the improvements we’ve made with Adlib 5.2. If you’re interested in providing feedback, please join the customer insight research panel.

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