New Beginnings with Adlib PDF 5.0

September 27, 2013

2 minute read

I didn’t know it until this year, but apparently September is the new January – Back to School is the new New Year; Fall is the new black!

In this spirit of renewal, I was thrilled to work with to launch Adlib PDF 5.0 today. 

The fresh start theme of the season really captures what Adlib PDF 5.0 is all about. Some product launches are about one particular feature, or appeal to one specific audience…. But 5.0 is a level set and a new beginning across the board.  

The launch brings all three Editions of the Adlib product - Enterprise, Express, and OEM – onto one standardized platform.  And for those who were trying to keep count of 1.6, 4.10, 1.5, 4.12, 1.8, 3.9…. Adlib PDF 5.0 also brings our versions into alignment.  

The 5.0 launch helps streamline our product meaning that we can improve our innovation efforts moving forward - providing customers and partners with a product roadmap that is more consistent and more responsive to their needs.

In addition, Adlib 5.0 offers a number of specific features that improve both the performance and stability of our software.  We’re working hard to educate all parties on these new features through email, conference calls and technical webinars with both Partners and Customers

At a high level, some of the Key features of Adlib PDF 5.0 include: 

  • MS Office 2013 Native Application Support
  • Connectors available for SharePoint 2013
  • A faster, more reliable, & more accurate OCR engine
  • Faster PDF and Image processing
  • More options and greater fidelity for image conversion
  • Improved integration and management capabilities
  • And much more 

While upgrades bring great new features and benefits, we all know they necessitate a certain amount of back-end IT preparation.  To this end, our customer success team and partner team are ready to help with specific upgrade questions based on individual deployment details.  From grandfather pricing clauses, to end of maintenance support concerns, to system integration questions – We’re ready to answer any question you can throw at us. 

We hope you’re as excited about the launch of Adlib PDF 5.0 as we are.

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