IBM FileNet IOD event in Las Vegas

October 31, 2013

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Advanced rendering of MS Office, Lotus Notes, CAD Drawings into PDF within FileNet

This has become a common practice where large vendors organize their annual customer and partner shows. It is a good plan because as a supplier you can:

  • Talk to your customers in a non-sales environment
  • Help educate your customers of additional features/functionalities
  • Bring customers to their partner eco-system so that they can benefit from the extended features and value that these partners can offers to them
  • Put partners in front of the customers so that they can hear first-hand what additional functionalities they need to develop and provide

    Our team from Adlib has been participating in IBM’s IOD (Information on Demand) for the last few years. In talking to the IBM’s FileNet users, one consistent message that clearly stands apart is that although Filenet is a robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System, its Renditions Server provides basic rendering capabilities, to only a handful of file types.

    Customers looking for advanced rendering capabilities did not know what their next steps should be without jeopardizing their Filenet investment.

    The Adlib FileNet Connector provides Advanced Rendition capabilities to meet enterprise level demands. Some of the key features of this newly released connector are:

    • Automatic conversion and high-fidelity renditions of 400+ document formats to PDF including MS Office, Lotus Notes, CAD drawings and image files
    • Conversion of  images into searchable content with advanced OCR technology
    • Support for additional output types including PDF/a, PDF/x, TIFF/JPG (for thumbnail generation)
    • Automated document assembly and merging including insertion of headers/footers/watermarks
    • Massive scalability to support enterprise-wide requirements
    • Centralized management of document-to-PDF jobs with monitoring and reporting

    Use this chance to learn and earn!! Visit Booth 1218 at IOD and see a live demo of Adlib’s advanced rendering capabilities, now fully integrated with IBM’s FileNet Workplace, Workplace XT and Content Navigator. 

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