Digital archiving and document workflow trouble? Introducing the Perfect PDF

October 23, 2013

1 minute read

We face a period of unprecedented growth in digital data. According to IDC analysts working in the Digital Universe project the growth-rate of worldwide digital content is doubling every two years. To cope, your organization will need quick access to digital files that are secure, searchable, archived, and in a standard format.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems can help tame mass content troubles. But questions remain that will keep an enterprise IT manager awake at night:

  1. How do you automate the conversion of vast volumes of documents

  2. Are you confident that all document-types are being converted into high fidelity format

  3. Are your documents getting the required security of embedded watermarks or digital signatures

  4. Can you ensure that content is structured automatically with page numbers, table of contents with headers and footers

  5. Is your content is archive able with robust search features for future accessibility

  6. Above all, can you guarantee that this content will meet regulatory and legal compliance requirements

    Ensuring that documents maintain absolute content faithfulness and integrity is not simply a nice to have option, but a must have requirement.

    Although PDF has come out as a preferred choice of format for organizations when dealing with large volumes of content, the reality is that All PDFs are not Created Equal. This complimentary white paper explains how the perfect PDF is an advanced high-fidelity rendering of original content complete with the OCR of images making documents fully searchable, delivered through technology capable of assembling and merging thousands of pages of content from a variety of document file types into a single PDF file.

    The perfect PDF allows additional enhancements such as tables of contents, bookmarks, page numbers, and watermarks all rendered automatically by the solution enabling the documents to meet strict regulatory submission and document compliance guidelines.

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