Adlib Top Ten

October 24, 2013

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A live example of merging and collaborating on content

Sum of parts seems to be greater than part and sum respectively.  Last week, I had an idea of doing something fun and quirky for our blog. The premise behind the idea was to provide a lighter reading for our audience. It boiled down to coming up with funny one liners similar to what David Letterman does on late night show.

It is said that birds of the feather flock together….so I ended by floating my idea to our product management and product marketing team. Before I realized, they had already socialized it over Yammer and within the hour we had not only our top 10 rather top 20!! We had members from cross functional teams provide their feedback and it was just simply amazing to watch this participation…..A simple story of how cross functional teams come across to pull off something this creative with least effort while leveraging the available collaboration tools. Well, without any further suspense, here are the top 10 that we thought we should share;

The top 10 list of things I stopped doing when I discovered PDF: 

  1. Walking to the printer

  2. Collating compound documents

  3. Stapling reports together

  4. Inserting Tabs & Slip Sheets into Reports

  5. Feeding & clearing jams from the printer

  6. Filing paper, shredding paper, and emailing unopenable documents to my loved ones

  7. Wasting hours searching for documents with my eyes and fingers

  8. Nursing the Papercuts!

  9. Printing and manually stamping documents 

  10. Working at my previous job

Check out this short video from both the business and IT side of the discussion: All PDFs are not Created Equal

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