Success! The first Annual Life Sciences Advisory Council meeting

November 27, 2013

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Adlib's first annual Life Sciences Advisory Council (LSAC) meeting, held at the Bridgewater Marriott in New Jersey  was a great success.

Totally worthwhile. The discussions and content were very valuable

This was the feedback despite some scheduling challenges keeping a few interested customers away from the event.

Headlining the event, Pfizer talked about the value of leveraging Adlib rendering as a shared service. It was the backbone of a series of great, interactive discussions about the challenges and opportunities available. The key business benefits noted by Pfizer were identified as:

  • The delivery of a highly effective Enterprise-wide, load balanced, rendering platform as a shared service
  • Stabile deployment of a critical content transformation platform
  • Optimized business process efficiencies and productivity gains through  centrally-managed authoring  templates and configurations
  • Reduced risk through improved control for compliance
  • Reduced  IT costs (Support and Licensing)
  • Centralized Support
  • Savings  in software maintenance and licensing
  • Consolidation of technologies
  • Reduced services support from product vendors

At the outset, John Hanrahan, Adlib's Director of Life Sciences provided the group with an overview of Adlib's long experience in the Life Sciences space along with insight into how rendering has evolved to become a powerful component of a shared services model.

Content Rendition Strategist Rupin Mago hosted a discussion on 'Advanced Rendering' and posed the question "Which of the following are your top 3 concerns?"

  • High Fidelity
  • Bookmarks/Hyperlinks/Advanced Authoring features
  • Massive Scalability
  • Management Console                
  • High Availability/ Fault Tolerance
  • OCR                                
  • Metadata driven Rendering
  • PDF/a
  • Thumbnails
  • Table of Contents
  • Headers/Footers & Watermarks
  • Document assembly 

The answer from leading Pharma companies in attendance?
"All of them!"

Tieme Stoutjesdijk, Adlib's Sales Manager for North-West Europe, Italy & France engaged the group in a discussion about Automated Rendering and Archival which generated a lot of discussion. Archival of content (including an interesting branch topic of email archiving) is a massive problem every organization is trying to tackle. Support for the ISO standard PDF/A, including the ability to fix existing PDF to PDF/A and validate to the highest standards, was a lively topic.

Director of Product Management Jeff Brand reviewed the challenges faced by Life Sciences companies related to creating fully compliant PDF output suitable for regulatory agencies. The importance of pure PDF fidelity, the value of OCR to create fully-searchable PDF content and the ability to leverage a fully automated, rule-driven platform to support 21 CFR 11 were all addressed. The LSAC participants provided excellent feedback for Adlib's roadmap including thoughts around MS Word/doc output, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and more.

The interactive discussion was so engaging we ventured off the original agenda occasionally and even ventured a live demo of the significantly enhanced Adlib 5.0 Management Console which surprised attendees - even those very familiar with the Adlib PDF platform.

Everyone in attendance confirmed the value of the days content and discussions and agreed a regular mix on online and face-to-face discussions made a lot of sense.

We can't wait for the next LSAC discussion!

P.S. It will likely be online and in Q1 of 2014. If you are interested in more information contact 

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