IBM FileNet users looking for advanced rendering at IBM IOD

November 8, 2013

1 minute read

The motivation for this blog is my visit to the IBM IOD event. A well-attended and well-planned event. A good job by team IBM!

Adlib participated in the event being IBM partner. We set up the booth at the event with 2 goals:

  • Introduce Adlib FileNet Connector to the end customers and IBM team
  • Introduce our new free on-site consulting program PDF Therapy to the end customers

I was really pleased to see the traction that both the above items received at our booth. We received some very encouraging feedback and interest on our FileNet connector from the IBM FileNet end users and we also confirmed multiple PDF Therapy sessions with the attendees in the upcoming weeks. 

Did you know that: 

  • 24 out of the top 30 banks worldwide
  • 19 out of the top 23 insurance companies worldwide
  • 15 of the top 16 telecoms worldwide - 21 of the top 27 retail companies worldwide use IBM ECM (FileNet)

After a little reflection on our success at the show, I realized the primary reason was very simple. A vast majority of the FileNet users are large enterprise customers looking for advanced rendering. This means they need to convert very large volumes of documents into a standard format (PDF) with some advanced features like Watermarks, Table of Contents, and Headers & Footers. Some of them were looking for a solution that could convert their old format file types into PDF while others wanted to merge multiple formats into a single file. Yet the common underlying theme was that audience were looking for a high-fidelity enterprise-grade advanced rendering solution.

Try PDF Therapy to learn if you’re a candidate for enterprise – grade advanced rendering technology

Rupin Mago – Content Rendition Strategist from Adlib promoting his PDF Therapy at the booth


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