Adlib is in the air!

November 6, 2013

1 minute read

We have done a decent job in spreading our message of helping enterprise organizations convert their documents to PDF. From attending industry shows and events to web, digital and social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook, we have done it all.

Now Adlib is taking to the skies. No, it is not a myth but for real… you can now hear our CEO and co-founder, Peter Duff, inflight on American Airlines and US Airways!

Our CEO was asked to participate in an interview on Talk Business 360, the premier inflight channel on American Airlines and US Airways.

We are excited because with hundreds of flights every day, carrying thousands of passengers, Peter’s interview will be heard by hundreds of thousands of business travelers! This means that we will able to assist more enterprise organizations with their document conversion and advanced rendering challenges, who can now realize that this technology is available and accessible!

For those who are not planning to travel in the near future, you can hear the complete interview by clicking here.

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