Extra! Extra! Adlib PDF 1.8 Released with a Focus on OCR

May 9, 2013

3 minute read

It appears that winter is finally over, and that must mean it's time for a new release of Adlib PDF!

Today I'd like to share with you the New Features, Enhancements, and Changes that you'll enjoy in our newest release, Adlib PDF 1.8

New Features

Windows Server 2012
Adlib now supports installation to Microsoft's latest Server Operating System.  Take advantage of the enhanced capabilities in Windows such as the Resilient File System, IIS 8, or simply prepare for the future by leveraging the most advanced OS available.
Microsoft Exchange Connector
This new connector links Adlib PDF with Microsoft Exchange enabling the automated Conversion of email messages and attachments to PDF or PDF/A for collaboration, distribution or long-term archiving.

It does this by monitoring email folders on an Exchange server, then based on the associated metadata it automatically executes rules to achieve the desired output.

Leveraging the flexible configuration of Adlib PDF, the output can then be routed to either a specified folder or, “Reply to Sender”, “Reply All”, or “Forward” to a specific email address. The associated attachments within each email can be configured to be ignored, converted to PDF, and/or merged with the body of the email.

In addition, the body of the email can also either be included or excluded from the PDF. This enables the automation of Exchange-related processes such as “Convert and Merge” all email body and attachments from a particular email source.

This intelligent email-to-PDF Conversion automates the process thereby reducing user effort, user error and associated costs while increasing overall efficiency.


We've updated our OCR Engine to deliver you the most advanced OCR Technology available today. Representing an all-new OCR Implementation, we've optimized every step of the OCR process and are very excited to share the following benefits…

•Significant increase in throughput
•Support for very large page (image) sizes
•NARA Compliance - Create Pixel-Perfect text-searchable PDF's without modifying the visual aspect of the document
•Find text hidden in images in over 400 file types with no impact on existing text and practically no increase in file size
•More reliable and efficient

With a higher tolerance for low-quality images, non-standard PDF's and better utilization of resources, Adlib PDF will enable you to make more content fully searchable in less time than ever before.

We are constantly working to improve the overall performance of Adlib PDF so that in addition to its practically unlimited scale, customers can also get more out of what they already have.

In this release, we've optimized our Folder Connector, the component that monitors the file system for documents to convert and increased the performance of this component by 10x!

Add that to the significant increase in OCR throughput and other optimizations, this is the fastest Adlib PDF ever, and we're only getting started!


Removed dependency on Java
Java is no longer required to install Adlib PDF Enterprise. By eliminating our dependency on Java, we are able to simplify installation, improve performance, stability, and eliminate security concerns associated with Java.

Removed dependency on IIS
While we will continue to support deployment to IIS, it is no longer a mandatory prerequisite for the installation of Adlib PDF.  Existing customers who have deployed to IIS will be able to upgrade and maintain their installation hosted on Microsoft's Web Server

Removed Support for Windows Server 2003
As part of a normal lifecycle review, we will no longer be supporting Windows Server 2003

What Now?

You may be asking yourself, “That sounds great. Where can I get it?”

Adlib PDF 1.8 is available immediately, and the steps to upgrade depend on how you purchased Adlib PDF…

1: If you are an existing Adlib customer, please visit our Portal and request an upgrade:

2: If you are a customer of an Adlib OEM Partners (Adlib came with some other software), please contact the manufacturer of your software to request an upgrade of the Adlib component.

3: If you are a member of the Adlib Partner Program, please contact your Partner Account Manager or request an upgrade through the on-line ticket system:

Happy PDF'ing!

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