A PDF Red Tape diary

May 23, 2013

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Dear Diary...
Recently I was watching the Daily Show with John Stewart… he’s oh so dreamy with his insightful political wit and satirical banter… his episode was titled the “red tape diaries”, but it got me so mad (not just the silly pun) that I had to share it with you.

Now Diary... you know I love my government… and my military men (if you go that way… which I’m pretty sure Jimmy at school does… but he won’t tell and I won’t ask) and women. But Stewart pointed out quite visually just how horrible a state of affairs the Department of Veteran Affairs is in. They are almost literally drowning in paper… to the point that the building is in jeopardy of crumbling under the paper’s weight

And their solution? Improved filing cabinets?!?
I mean my goodness diary; this is as archaic as when Jenny wore that ridiculous 1970s jumpsuit to school last week! 

Now I know it’s not that simple… and I’m not even suggesting that the VA should choose any particular vendor (though I know of one PDF expert that is particularly efficient… their name starts with Ad, and ends with lib).

But this just struck me as so strikingly identical to the other work Adlib has done for other companies. I get it… Enterprise Capture is a big issue… whether it’s Veterans submissions in the public sector, or regular claims processing in the private insurance industry.

Or for that matter, it could be an HR department gathering resumes and references… a manufacturer gathering SOP, BOM, Safety data sheets, and recalls… a law firm dealing with new client matter intake…  or heck, even a pharmaceutical collecting 100s of case report forms. Ultimately it’s all the same underlying issue.

And no diary, I’m not silly enough (unlike stupid Jenny who like totally failed her English test) to think that it’s just about physical scanning. I realize that you need to incorporate OCR, merged content, metadata tags, electronic signature and repository integration… but.. c’mon… it’s not like this hasn’t been done before.  It’s not exactly virgin territory (like Beth, who told me she totally went all the way to home plate with Billy at the party last week, but I can’t tell anyone)... Adlib has helped hundreds of customers capture, process, convert, and archive documents after transform them into searchable PDFs.

So, Diary… I ask you… when will Veteran Affairs get with the program? And while the private sector often invests more in technology, they aren’t without fault… many of them are also back in the stone ages (which is where I totally wish Bobby would go… unless he asks me to the dance). They can come to the webinars or go to the K2 Roadshow to learn about it.  

Anyway, I just hope they all figure it out soon enough.  I totally couldn’t handle it if I had to wait forever for my medical form or insurance claim or whatever to be found… let alone processed. That would drive me mental. Speaking of which, did I tell you about Mr. Carter’s total breakdown in homeroom today… you’re not gonna believe it but… (and so the diary continued) 

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