You Said It And We Listened

March 28, 2013

3 minute read

Based on our customer and partner feedback, we have incorporated incremental enhancements to our existing Adlib Express product and have launched Adlib Express Version 4.12. This new version is now available to all of our existing customers and partners.

What you get with the new release

  • PDF/A-2b Output and pre-flight validation
  • Updated Express Recognition engine (OCR – Optical Character Recognition)
  • Updated Extended File Type support
  • Updated Integrated File Type Support (IFTS)

Why you care about this new release

If you have an existing version of the Adlib Express Engine, you can enjoy additional benefits with this new release at no extra cost. These enhancements improve your workflow efficiency without extra costs.

Feature Enhancement

Value of Enhancement

Benefit to You

PDF/A-2b Output and validation ISO 19005-2 level B output conformance Peace of mind that your output PDF/A-2b will be compliant with ISO-19005-2
Updated Express Recognition engine (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) Improved recognition capability

Enhanced output document fidelity
Old and crumpled documents and scanned images will now provide better output
Updated Extended File Type support Improved stability and fidelity Reduced time in handling of input file formats
Updated Integrated File Type Support (IFTS) Greater stability and fidelity when processing email files Saves time with enhanced output of your email files; including content with special characters

How to get it

At Adlib, we are constantly making our technology and processes easier and simpler. To upgrade to the latest version, pick the one-step process based on your relationship with Adlib…

Option1: If you are an existing Adlib direct customer

  • You have an existing valid maintenance contract,:
  • You do not have an existing valid maintenance contract:
    • Click here and we will walk you through the options available to you

Option 2: If you are an existing Adlib indirect customer through a partner

Contact your Adlib re-seller or Adlib partner. If you’re unsure about your partner details, click here to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Option 3: If you are an Adlib partner

  • Click here to go to the partner portal and request an upgrade
  • If you don’t have access to the Adlib Partner Portal, choose one of the following options:

When you can get it

Adlib Express Engine Version 4.12 has been released and is available for all of our customers and partners.

What to do now

When you’re ready to upgrade we’ll send you the download link, and you’ll be ready for enhanced efficiency.

We appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us or your peers by commenting here on our blog, tweet about us, or use any social media channels you prefer.

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