The four buckets of rendering and publishing pain

June 3, 2013

2 minute read

Having listened to numerous customers in many industries over the last dozen or so years, I’ve found they experience document rendering and publishing pain in four main areas…

Multiple internal rendition solutions
Many firms have several departments sourcing their own solutions for projects. Inevitably the IT department is stuck servicing different print drivers, scripts, legacy server programs, and homegrown software kluges.

Add departmental issues like old file formats for word processing, drawings, and images, and confusion reigns while solutions fiddle.

A shared service that renders and publishes across all departments in your entire organization resolves those issues.

Consistency of output
When different engines of disparate solutions are creating PDFs, the results will be different PDFs from every engine.

That’s because different systems can’t support all input file formats, nor do they provide one output. And each system handles watermarks, banners, and other enhancements differently… if they’re capable of handling them at all.  

Your rendering and publishing will only be uniform when using a single system that accepts inputs from all file types and outputs the correct PDF standard – every time.

Output fidelity
You want renditions to look exactly like source documents.

That involves a consistent method of checking and auditing how output fidelity meets a written standard… especially when rendering very old file formats.   

Not only must your rendering and publishing solution keep up with peak requests, it must also monitor conversion, reporting hiccups, crashes, and job incompletions.
You’ll know your conversion process is reliable when it allows you to track how well your server farms are running at any given point – per minute, hour, day, or month – to determine if you’re meeting SLAs.

Your organization may not be suffering from all four pain points… perhaps only one or two. 

That’s why I’m offering PDF Therapy.

Contact me directly (rmago at adlibsoftware dot com) and dump your rendering and publishing troubles on me. I’ll listen and take notes. I’ll only talk when I have a question.

You also have my solemn promise that (from me) there will be…
• NO PowerPoint
• NO sales pitch
• NO Bravo Sierra

Then I’ll go away.

I’ll return in a week with a mapped solution that will not only make you happy, but also make you the toast of your organization.

So go ahead and book your PDF Therapy session with me now, to avoid delay. 

In the mean, and still speaking of solving your pain, perhaps you’ll want to attend either the morning or afternoon webinar in which I’ll discuss the changes to rendering and publishing that are coming in EMC Documentum 7. 

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