Impressions of the K2 Roadshow Europe

July 11, 2013

2 minute read

No question… those who attended the recent K2 Roadshow Europe were there to learn what’s new in SharePoint 2013, and how to improve their business document processes… which is why Microsoft and K2 invited Adlib.

Keynote speaker at Brussels was a SharePoint MVP, known for speaking at TechEd and other large events. Seb Matthews is a great presenter and evangelist. He’s also an active Tweeter if you care to follow him.

In both London and Brussels I delivered my Content Transformation, Compliance, and Capture presentation, although in Brussels I placed more emphasis on the basics of PDF. That was in response to attendee feedback, because at Adlib listening to you is paramount.

Attendees have valid concerns around automated document conversion in the enterprise.

Many see a PDF on their desktops, and yet they have no idea of the complexity that may have been required to make it. They think it's merely another format on their desktops.

Explanations of what a PDF is, and how it gets to their desktop, appeared to resonate with all.

We still encounter those who mistakenly believe we’re encroaching on another firm’s intellectual property. At least one person admitted he thought (incorrectly) Adobe owns PDF. Sorry, no: PDF is an open standard.

Many attendees are rightly concerned about regulatory compliance. While compliance is very subjective, standards are similar in most jurisdictions (e.g. PDF/A and NARA). Most companies focus on the storage process and how they achieve compliance, rather than what happens when you deliver the content.

PDF allows you to comply with multiple compliance standards across the world. When it comes down to it the document has to be accepted, however much the process has been refined. The “last mile” of compliance is where Adlib PDF fits in.

Now that the events are completed, I'm available for a few one-on-one no-cost and no-obligation Document Compliance Sessions. Take advantage of this opportunity before the next event season begins by contacting me directly (preynolds at adlibsoftware dot com).

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