Reflections on 2012

January 28, 2013

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Well, I think we all were relieved when the Mayan prediction that the world was going to end in December 2012 failed to materialize. So since we are all still here, we can look back at some of the key events that captivated peoples’ attention in 2012.

One of the pinnacle events in the year that the entire world tuned into was the London Olympics…a hugely successful event that brings athletes from around the world to compete at the highest level. For two weeks the world forgot all of the crazy things that were going on and focused the celebration and the competition. The hosts staged a fantastic event and took home a record number of medals.
For hockey fans, the NHL Lockout dominated the news as the owners and teams struggled to figure out how to carve out a deal that they could both live with. For the hockey fans of course this meant no hockey…, which was hugely disappointing because everyone knows that this was the year the Toronto Maple Leafs will be restored to their former glory and win the Stanley Cup. (I guess I'm just an optimist).
It was also the year of the iPhones, iPad mini, a host of cool Android devices, and joining the fray is Microsoft with Windows coupled to their own touch-screen tablet, the Microsoft Surface. Of course RIM is furiously working to restore their position in the device world by releasing the Blackberry 10.
All of these devices help us to connect, converse, and consume information...and the amount of information stored, shared, accessed and delivered has increased exponentially...this is where Adlib fits in. We help organizations drowning in documents automate business processes.
From an Adlib perspective, we had another banner year...we didn't leap from space or anything (like Felix Baumgartner), but we did achieve some pretty significant events….
The introduction of the Adlib PDF Enterprise product into the market has been receiving rave reviews from our customer base and many new customers as well. This success culminated with the Adlib Team closing the largest deal in the history of the company. A large insurance company...really large...heard the our enterprise pitch and said…
We must have Adlib PDF. It will help us with our customer communications, automating document workflows, archiving content as PDF/a. It can be leveraged as a shared service across our entire organization.”
That was music to our ears, because that's exactly the type of problem we have built our product to solve.
We’ve also launched a number of key initiatives and market offerings in the past year….

The Adlib Portal is a one stop shop where our customers interact with the Adlib Team.
Adlib OEM – a newly retooled product for our OEM partners based on the Adlib PDF Enterprise platform.
We put our first cloud offering into market, building an app for the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Marketplace. Adlib PDF Publisher is a Windows Azure-hosted application that enables business users to accurately convert documents to PDF and automate the merging and formatting of multiple documents to a single PDF.
The Adlib Partner Program has been completely re-designed to optimize how we work with Partners, so that they can maximize the opportunity of working with the Adlib Partner Team and leverage the Adlib OEM product line.
We have expanded….there are lots of new faces at Adlib right across the organization…we have added over twenty new people to our team. That's a ton of new expertise... allowing us to build more software, reach new markets, and connect with more customers! 
2013 promises to be a fantastic year as we continue to build upon success from 2012. And now that we don't have to worry about the world ending, we can continue to solve real business problems for our customers and deliver real value.
Best Regards,
Peter Duff


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