HERE is where it all happens

February 13, 2013

1 minute read

Thursday evening I burned the midnight oil at the office, planning for our next fiscal year, which begins on March 1st.

On my way back to the hotel I drove by this sign, so I pulled a u-ey to snap this picture.

Because it occurred to me… HERE is where it all happens.

HERE is where all the business value… efficiencies… and cost reductions are created for government organizations around the globe.

A wave of pride swept over me as I thought to myself, “I work there.”

And I have the distinct honour and privilege of leading the Government practice, which is an extremely important area of focus for Adlib.

Governments all over the world use Adlib PDF Enterprise in so many different ways that are is simply amazing…

Litigation Support… Long-Term Document Archiving (NARA)… Case Management… FOIA/ATIP… Digitization… Merging and Converting documents… Enterprise Search… eDiscovery… are only a few examples of how Governments everywhere are doing more with less… thanks to Adlib. 

From our customers I keep hearing, “Adlib is the best kept secret.” 

That’s extremely flattering… and yet it represents a significant personal and professional challenge.

My task is to get the word out… to help governments realize the virtually limitless possibilities of how this fully flexible and completely scalable document transformation platform reduces costs, improves efficiency, and delivers better programs and services to constituents and stakeholders everywhere.

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