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December 20, 2013

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I recently attended Adlib’s live breakfast seminar on “ Automating Document Conversion within ECM” in Houston, USA. It was an interesting event, not because Adlib hosted it rather because;

Did you miss this event in Houston? Watch this free video featuring Mukul Krishna from Frost & Sullivan and a panel of experts discussing automated document conversion in ECM.

  1. The event had a panel discussion
  2. The panel was very well rounded;
    1. The moderator who is very well informed of the document related challenges within an ECM environment. Someone who had dealt with a large variety of organizations, heard almost every kind of possible document rendering and publishing challenges within ECM and recommend solutions
    2. An independent analyst from Frost & Sullivan who, by virtue of his profession, knew the challenges in multiple industries, existing players, possible solutions trends and their recommendations/best practises
    3. An existing customer who lived the pain points, spent time discovering what he needed and ultimately deployed the technology that helped him save not only cost and time but also introduced much needed efficiencies
    4. The VP of Customer Success from Adlib – the solution provider. He has seen it all – right from listening to customer’s pain points, recommending possible solutions and ultimately installing the technology and alleviating the issues. He had the repository of fine examples for almost each scenario.
  3. The panel discussion was not scripted and restricted to just panelists
  4. Had real life examples of problems and solutions
  5. Had attendees from multiple industries
  6. Good food, free parking and an ipad air for draw!

Open panel discussionI was delighted to see the interactive non-scripted nature of the conversation between the panelists. The more interesting part was the participation of the attendees from various industries in the conversation with the panelists. There were no Q/A periods rather a free flow of problem/solution exchange!! I was surprised to hear that although the theme of the event was automating document conversion within ECM, yet the attendees brought in issues like;

  1. Encryption of PDF data
  2. AutoCAD and legacy data format files conversion to PDF
  3. Taxonomy and meta data
  4. Digital signatures and version control within PDF
  5. Merging documents of multiple formats into single document format

If you’re unable to attend this event in Houston, watch this recorded video of the panel discussion with expert commentary by Mukul Krishna from Frost & Sullivan.

If you would like to attend such a similar event, please visit this page to check out events for your city!

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