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December 6, 2013

1 minute read

Advanced Rendering

How many times do we hear that B2B IT professionals talking out loud to make their lives simple while their business peers trying to become efficient? Well, I guess the answer is all the time

This is precisely what our travelling PDF Experts heard again during one of their PDF Therapy sessions with a manufacturing organization in Italy. This organization is using at least 2 document repositories – EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint. Their main challenge in document rendering is to be able to apply signature on a PDF.

Good part of this session was that this organization provided excellent feedback on how we can enhance our product feature set that will not only help them but resolve advanced rendering challenges for a variety to organizations globally. We thank them for their candid views.

But the best part of the session was the attendees telling our experts that we are and should be the technology of choice for advanced rendering within SharePoint!! It is one thing claiming to be the experts but it is a totally different feeling when someone else validates that claim!

Check out this short video from our PDF Experts during their trip to Italy

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