And you thought advanced document rendering was only for large enterprises

December 16, 2013

2 minute read

Merge, Integrate and Manage

Does size matter? I think it is a common perception that only large enterprise organizations have challenges around advanced rendering. Well that is not entirely true.

Our PDF Experts, during their most recent PDF Therapy session had a very interesting insight. The customer team they were visiting pointed out the following;

  1. They deal with multiple file formats
  2. Require to merge documents of different formats
  3. Need to convert/render AutoCAD, CATIA, Pro/E files to PDF
  4. Currently using microstation
  5. Deal with multiple vendors and partners
  6. Need features like book marks, page numbers, table of content, hyperlinks etc.

When you hear challenges like these within document conversion and automation, you seem to think this might be a large enterprise organization. But the reality is that this is a medium size engineering company.

The logical thought that strikes you when you read the above challenges is that;

  1. You cannot fix all of the above issues simply because these might be just unique requirements specific to this organization
  2. You might have to develop an in-house proprietary solution
  3. Such solution might not exist that could resolve all the above
  4. If there are fixes available, you’ll probably have to deal with multiple vendors/providers

Good news is that such a technology does exist that can provide much more functionality than the challenges discussed above. So, if you’re facing similar or different advanced document rendering challenges, you should take a shot at PDF Therapy.

We have multiple similar instances where mid-sized organizations, virtually in all industries, have sought for help with their document conversion and automation challenges. These issues are not based on the size of the organization but rather on;

  • The volume of documents that need to be converted and managed
  • Document workflow and lifecycle automation
  • Need to meet regulatory or compliance requirements

So next time you have any document conversion or automation challenge, don’t presume you’re out of luck or those can’t be resolved, remember, there are experts out there who can help.

Watch the short (less than 1 minute) video from our PDF Experts after their meeting with this engineering company somewhere in south of France.

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