Advanced rendering on steroids

December 4, 2013

1 minute read

They say you should be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. This is exactly what has happened here. Our PDF experts have been busy travelling across the globe assisting organizations with their advanced rendering requirements through our on-site one-on-one consultative program – PDF Therapy.

Stuttgart Airport

During one of my recent interactions with them I asked if I could get some insight into their experiences at these sessions. The intent for that feedback was 2 fold;

  1. Better understanding of organizations’ advanced rendering requirements or their PDF problems
  2. Get some interesting anecdotes for our blog


So yesterday, I got an email with self-recorded video from 2 of our PDF experts – Rupin Mago & Scott Mackey. They recorded this video blog for me at the Stuttgart airport before boarding their flight for Milan.

In this short video they discuss about the PDF Therapy session they had with an organization. This customer has Microsoft SharePoint deployment within a private cloud environment. The team discovered how the customer specifically emphasized their need for;

  • High availability for the advanced rendering
  • Shared services environment for advanced rendering available across the organization


To learn what the next steps will be for this customer or to try one of these sessions for your document management team, check this link.

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