Adlib Professional Services - the key to long term success!

December 17, 2013

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Follow-up to our earlier blog “Good Service is Good Business” I thought I should write a little about Adlib Professional Service: what we do, how we help our customers and how our services differentiate us from the pack.

We, at Adlib are experts in document transformation, workflow best practices and integrating with enterprise content management (ECM) tools. We understand what it takes for a successful deployment and with our highly trained technical consultants, can draw from their extensive experience in document conversion and automation. We understand business challenges and how the Adlib technology can help to streamline and add efficiencies to many areas of a business. Our experience spans across many different departments within an organization, across multiple industries specifically life sciences, government and financial services to serve any individual customer’s needs.

We have defined and documented processes for implementation and a proven methodology for all Adlib rollouts. We use a defined set of KPI’s and milestones for each engagement, with a focus on meeting project goals within the defined timeframe while transferring our expertise to our clients.

The objectives of each client engagement include:

  • Making you the Adlib expert within your organization
  • Getting you up and running quickly, thus helping you benefit from your investment faster
  • Assisting you acquire higher user adoption by setting up and rolling out the deployment right the first time
  • Setting you up for long term success by providing you with extensive training to ensure you understand the full functionality of Adlib’s technology and how it might be used within your organization

Organizations that partner with Adlib’s services team realize bigger and faster return on their investment.

In addition to a supporting a traditional rollout of Adlib PDF, the Services team also offers services such as:

  • System Health Checks
  • Architecture Reviews
  • Integration Services
  • System Optimization Consulting
  • Upgrade assistance
  • Connector Setup
  • Custom extended functionality development

For additional information on Adlib’s Professional Services, please reach out us. We would like to understand your technical requirements, your business challenges and how Adlib may add value.

For additional information on Adlib Professional Services and our approach, please visit our Professional Services page.

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