PDF Association invites Adlib to present at two industry events

August 21, 2013

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As a mover and shaker of the PDF industry, Adlib was invited to present to slightly different audiences at two recent events.

The PDF Association organized both events, hosted at Adobe Systems lakeside offices in Seattle, WA.

PDF Technical Conference North America 2013 was for PDF experts, developers, technical product managers, CIOs, IT managers, information professionals, records managers, and other technical decision makers. These folks already understand PDF and they’re looking to dig deeper. You might say it was a small conference of PDF propeller heads.

Attendees received updates from recognized professionals, including vendors of various solutions that use/require/make/absorb PDFs on the PDF latest developments.

Immediately following Technical Conference was PDF/A Day… the ideal setting for my presentation Automating Archiving in SharePoint.

PDF/A Day was an opportunity for end users to learn about the purpose, role, features, and limitations of the archival standard for PDF, which is PDF/A. Twelve sessions in two tracks offered presentations in theory and practice.
This was an educational rather than a marketing event. While many of the presenters work for companies delivering PDF/A solutions, there was no tradeshow… only high-quality, practical, usable, pitch-free information on aspects of PDF/A.
One memorable presentation was from activePDF CEO Tim Sullivan, who wowed the room with Everything you always wanted to know about fonts but were afraid to ask. It makes me wonder how in the world Adlib developers get our software to jump thru hoops, given the enormous complexities Tim raised in his presentation.

On the final day I delivered I thought PDF was free? It’s always a crowd pleaser – especially the funny output examples provided by free desktop PDF renderers. If you’re interested in seeing it, let us know. If demand is sufficient maybe I’ll turn it into a webinar

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