Listening always leads to improvement – my thanks to you all

August 2, 2013

2 minute read

With us living in time-poverty age and technology revolution bringing the information to our finger tips, we all want relevant information fast, precise, and easy to find. There are so many ways of finding information, and multiple ways to resolve challenges. While there might be variety of channels from which to get relevant information, there is usually only one best solution to the problem.

Before I make a purchase or if I am researching information on any given topic, I often, like most of us, try to research on the web. I’m drawn to websites that are easy to navigate and have clear concise content. This led me to think about navigation, ease of use, and quality of content on our Adlib website. That started a long and interesting journey of gathering feedback from our online visitors and offline web experts. The end goal – provide a superior online experience to our audience when they are searching for an expert advice on Document Conversion, Automation, Rendering, and Publishing within Enterprise Content Management space.

I would personally like to thank each one of you individually for providing your feedback in helping us serve you better through the launch of our revised website, with new look and feel. Please allow me to invite you to visit our new website.

Although my passionate desire is for you to check out the entire website, I would definitely like to pass on some of the key improvement areas you might like…

  • The Products & Solutions will provide answers to your document conversion challenges by Solutions, Industries, ECM, and PLM integrations or by our Product Offerings
  • Looking for information in a specific format? Visit the Resources tab, which will provide you options of case studies, videos, webinars, whitepapers etc. You can even access our Blog from this tab or sign up for our Newsletter
  • Check out the Partners tab if you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Adlib partner and our partner program

If you’re unable to find the information you’re looking for or if you would like us to make further improvements, please send us your feedback.

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