How to make a great charity golf game

August 21, 2013

1 minute read

The weather was perfect and the people at the ACT Charity Golf Tournament were even better.

What made the event great?

Great company… great weather… lots of great fun… and the event raised $2,500 for Roger’s House.

We also received great insight… we learned that harnessing and effectively using information is a daunting challenge that the Government of Canada continues to face. 

We talked about Adlib PDF Therapy sessions. We met a number of people in need of such therapy who want to take us up on our offer to help with the issues keeping them awake at night.

As you can see by the golf cap prize that my team won at the tournament, Adlib clearly spends more time on Creating Value for Enterprise Content Management than we do working on our golf games!

Thanks to the fine folks at Metadata Solutions and A.C.T. for the great day.

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