Baseball engenders cooperative challenge solving

August 20, 2013

2 minute read

Adlib and partner K2 co-sponsored a recent meet and greet during a Toronto Blue Jays game in an executive box at the Rogers Centre.

The exclusive get-together provided a social opportunity to connect with mutual customers… to enjoy food, drinks, and discuss the different areas in which we can collaborate.

While it’s too early to publicize specific customer issues and requests, we can mention a couple of generalities.

One conversation was around automated archiving for the enterprise. Vast, always-increasing quantities of data have to be stored somewhere. And storing is only one part of the challenge…you also need to be able to find that data, meaning the documents need to be searchable.

Taking structured and unstructured content and merging into a single document was another popular topic of discussion. Many organizations are tasked with delivering board books… defined as a booklet of information put together every new financial period – often quarterly – for executives to review prior to and during board meetings.

Board books often include multiple document types – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, drawings – every type of document you can imagine... turned into one easily-read, easily-searched, and easily-stored report.

Fortunately Adlib PDF is designed to combine multiple document types into a single PDF, and do so automatically. That PDF is also searchable, meaning users can find both the document and what’s inside it.

Collaborating with partners helps Adlib satisfy the needs of mutual customers. Thanks to constant improvements from our design teams, our product is continuously improving, becoming even more adept, more robust, and more mature. Our numerous implementations with large multinationals in several industries illustrate that Adlib PDF truly is “industrial strength,” capable of handling the most complex and demanding rendering and publishing assignments.

All 26 attendees enjoyed themselves in the relaxed setting of the executive box. Oh and I almost forgot – in a very close game, the Blue Jays beat the Boston Red Sox 2-1.

                    Adlib-K2 Toronto Blue Jays 15 Aug 13    Adlib-K2 Toronto Blue Jays 15 Aug 13

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