The Results are in... and Adlib Customers Win

April 3, 2013

2 minute read

Delivering a superior customer experience is something we're passionate about at Adlib.

It was easier in our early days when we were a smaller company – everyone knew what was going on with nearly every customer. Now with multiple teams and geographies complicating that intimate connection we all shared with customers, we've invested significantly towards ensuring this continues to what separates Adlib from other vendors. We want to continue to be our customers trusted advisor.
Moreover, we feel a superior and differentiated customer experience is critical to our ongoing success. We're part of a growing number of – I'll say it – “enlightened” companies that recognize a fanatical focus on customer success leads to corporate success... not the other way round.
We've always heard good things from our customers - perhaps the most interesting/frustrating that we were the best “hidden gem” of a company to deal with. More formal measurement of our performance started a couple of years ago. Using the well-regarded Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology we were able to get a baseline from which we could set targets and measure our improvements. NPS asks customers whether they would be willing to recommend your company to their peers. This test has been tested and proven to accurately summarize how positive or negative their overall experience has been - with the product, the service, everything.
We were very pleased to confirm that our customers were indeed very happy.
Job done? No.
We have since implemented a host of improvements – with plans for many more – to improve the overall “Adlib experience” even further.
The result so far?
A significant year-over-year improvement in our customer satisfaction ratings. Our customers are using statements like…
“It has been great partnership for us” and “I would recommend Adlib, especially when compared to [large competitor] customer services.”
Introducing the Customer Portal was a significant step. It allows us to provide customers with high value resources and tools, separate from the Sales and Marketing materials on the main corporate site. There are a number of ways for our customers to learn and interact with Adlib and their peers – all designed to maximize the value they get from their Adlib investment.
What do you think?
What would you like to see next from Adlib? Product or Service improvements? Global Support coverage? Additional Services? New pricing models? Cloud offering?
Send us your thoughts.  We want to know what is important to you, because you are important to us.


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