K2 blackpearl and Adlib Integration

September 14, 2012

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A new partnership between Adlib and K2 reflects the reality that document-centric content is becoming more prevalent – regulatory compliance, contract management, and employee onboarding, for example – and better, faster solutions are needed by enterprises around the world.

Adlib and K2 (their flagship product is K2 blackpearl) together will deliver integrated business process management solutions, including automated document conversion.

 The chief business officer of Innovocommerce, Daniel O’Connor, discussed the business benefits of the Adlib/K2 partnership in a recent press release: “We are very excited about these two industry-leading companies coming together, as this is an ideal combination that addresses a growing demand with our customers who are looking to innovate to meet compliance standards.”

Webinar Well Received by System Integrators

You could feel the excitement among the participants of a recent webinar presented to K2′s system integrator partners. Dave Marcus and Mike Morse from K2 discussed how the K2 blackpearl integrates with our products, and Paul Dyck, our product manager, demonstrated the Adlib integration in action. The webinar covered:

  • The benefits of integrating document transformation capabilities (including conversion to PDF, applying table of contents, indexing, header/footers and watermarking) into business process solutions
  • Demonstration of K2 and Adlib integration in a business scenario
  • Discussion of resources available (code, documentation) and relevant contacts for more information

It was great to see the two solutions demonstrated in such a clear format, addressing the common end-customer need to Incorporate document transformation into business processes. Additional information, including a video of the integration, can be found on K2’s Underground. (To access the Underground, you need to sign up for an account, which is free.)

Updated Sept 14, 2012 - To access the Adlib/K2 integration contact Adlib sales at: 
1-866-991-1704 (North America)
+49 (0) 3304-5227050 (Europe)

Partnered together, K2 and Adlib solve a wide variety of document-related, business processing needs for Fortune 5000 organizations in industries such as life sciences, healthcare, financial services, insurancegovernment, manufacturing, energy and legal.

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