Early Bird Catches The (SharePoint 2013) Worm!

September 17, 2012

2 minute read

Worldwide Partner Conference Swag

Last month I attended Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference – in addition to revelling in the assortment of tradeshow swag, I was struck by the excitement and buzz around all the consumer announcements – Microsoft Surface, Perceptive Pixel, Windows 8. But, don't be fooled... the enterprise story remains very much part of the Microsoft lineup, and SharePoint in particular was a major topic of discussion in the hallways and conference rooms.

In this vein, announced the week after WPC (in an effort to avoid press overload I suspect), SharePoint 2013, Microsoft's cloud-based collaboration tool is now in Beta with thousands of customers already testing.

Adlib PDF Publisher for SharePoint 2013

On the leading edge, Adlib was part of a select handful of vendors with its very own cloud application - Adlib PDF Publisher for SharePoint 2013 - available on the initial launch day. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we were thrilled to be part of this early launch collection.

So, what does this new app mean for you? First off, rest assured, this does not impact any current, on premise, server based, deployments you might have under way. While a powerful tool in its own right, it is not enterprise class, has no IT management capabilities, does not integrate with 3rd party ECM (beyond SharePoint!), and has no support for 3rd party workflow engines tool. However, for an individual, Adlib PDF Publisher for SharePoint 2013 might be just the document solution they need! This beta (current) product is available directly to the end user through the new SharePoint 2013 web store allowing easy discovery and download of the tool with no IT assistance required. If your organization is trialing SharePoint 2013 (and you really should be for many reasons), this is a great opportunity to enable enhanced document transformation capabilities... for free... to your entire organization.

So, what does Adlib PDF Publisher for SharePoint 2013 do? For a detailed description, have a look at the product page. At a high level though, it offers basic document conversion and transformation features including:

  • Create rich/accurate PDF documents for easy sharing which can be opened by anyone, anywhere.
  • Automate the merging of multiple content pieces from over 400 file formats into a single document to create RFP responses, contracts, briefing books, orientation manuals, etc.
  • Transform content through advanced publishing capabilities including watermarks, page numbers, bookmarks, and document links.

Check it out and let us know what you think! Are you on SharePoint 2013 Beta? Would you (or your end users) buy a productivity app from an online store? Is your ECM currently in, or moving to, the cloud? We'd love to hear your thoughts as we plan our transition from Beta to Adlib's product roadmap in the cloud.

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