Victory Over Paper in the Windy City

October 29, 2012

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Recently I ventured off to the Windy City - Chicago - one of my favourite destinations - great steak, beautiful architecture and wonderful people.

While those are good reasons to visit, I was there to present at AIIM (Association For Information And Image Management) boot camp. AIIM represents the entire information management community, including practitioners, technology suppliers, integrators and consultants... which is why Adlib has been a member for many years.

Annually AIIM runs a boot camp based on a specific theme. Last year was all about communication in a "Post-PC" era.

For 2012 however, the five-city tour looked at a more basic, but very hot topic: "5 Steps to Victory Over Manual Processes".

Vendors spoke about everything from business processes in the cloud, through mobile engagement, to the challenges of big data. Coming from our document management perspective... we stuck to our core and focused on how organizations can thwart what AIIM described as "Enemy # 1": Paper!

We presented around Adlibs 4 Ps of Victory. While there's no panacea (a 5th P, perhaps?), we explored the Post-PC era context, looking specifically at how PDF's, when used in an Integrated and automated Process, result in a more Paperless environment. Process, PDF's, Post-PC = Paperless. While the slides alone don't do the presentation justice, feel free to download them here.

Now I'm not naïve enough to think going Paperless is that simple... I've been in technology too long for that. Understanding the technical requirements however, provided some solid food for thought, especially as we dug into some of the more detailed and nuanced requirements that can make or break a Paperless program.

Moreover, sharing our customer success stories seemed to offer much needed inspiration to the attendees who appreciated the practical, albeit perhaps simplistic, story that we had to tell. In fact I had to chuckle sheepishly when during a break one attendee (who had obviously attended only one presentation) made time to tell me that mine "was the best presentation of the conference".

Alison at the booth at AIIM
Alison at the booth at AIIM

Beyond the presentation my colleague, Alison Estrop, Central Territory Sales Manager and I were kept on our toes answering questions at our booth, and providing new prospects and existing customers with lots of updates and information.

  • Where are you on the paperless continuum?
  • Have you launched any effort to automate paper-intensive processes?
  • Have you implemented electronic signatures?
  • What efforts have worked for you? What hasn't?
  • And what's holding you back from your own Victory over Paper?

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