Presenting Archiving Solutions with PDF/A to DPI in Ottawa

November 9, 2012

1 minute read

I recently had the privilege to speak to approximately 200 Information Management (IM) professionals who attended the DPI seminar in Ottawa where I presented on PDF/A – Addressing the challenges of digitizing and preserving paper-based documents in the Government of Canada.

DPI is the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals, which helps develop public sector professionals when applying Information Management and Technology (IM/IT) in the Federal Government of Canada.

Attendees sat up and took notice when I spoke about how to reduce the size of the paper mountain. Across the country governments have warehouses full of paper that need to be digitized. 

Following my presentation the nice folks from DPI made their own presentation – giving me a very classy umbrella, suitable for Ottawa weather, and possibly for the next time I travel to Ireland.

A copy of my presentation is available to members on the DPI website, and is posted on Adlib SlideShare.

To hear more about PDF/A from Duff Johnson Chairman of the PDF Association, go here and start listening at 33:16.

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