Mr. Woodworth goes to Washington

November 5, 2012

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Recently Sales Engineer Kyle Walsh; Western Region Sales Manager, Ryan Vankessel, and I traveled to Washington, DC to raise awareness with partners and customers.

On the first day I delivered a presentation on Adlib Enterprise to Microsoft solution specialists at the Microsoft Tech Center (MTC) in Reston, VA. These solution specialists are in the field on a daily basis, acting as strategic advisors to SharePoint users. I showed how Adlib PDF extends SharePoint workflows and transformations quickly, easily, and transparently to users.

Events like these create awareness, so when the advisors are in the field and encounter situations similar to those demonstrated, they'll be able to present Adlib as a viable solution. That's an important part of the Microsoft efforts to build a fence around SharePoint implementation, and increase its stickiness to the overall SharePoint customer base.

The following day I delivered a presentation at the Washington, DC chapter of AIIM. Adlib is a long-time member and sponsor of many AIIM events. My presentation was well received; there were lots of questions and answers, and Adlib's message is on point as to how to reduce the use of paper in the enterprise.

We spent the balance of the week meeting with partners such as Microsoft and K2, in the context of specific client opportunities.

A couple of key themes surfaced across all of our client meetings… in fact it was dramatic how every customer we spoke with asked for the same things…

  1. We had some interesting discussions with very large government departments that have inquired about using Adlib document rendering as a department -wide shared service. They want to leverage a common infrastructure, reduce costs, and simplify management and maintenance.
  2. All week everybody we talked to expressed interest in metadata tagging and PDFs...

It was very productive week, during which we solidified partnerships, and further strengthened relationships with existing customers.

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