Announcing the Arrival of Adlib PDF OEM

November 27, 2012

1 minute read

Back in the summer of 2011 Adlib introduced Adlib PDF Enterprise for customers with mission-critical needs.

While our partners have different specific needs, they’ve had to work with the same product we provide all our customer segments. OEM Partners have asked us to build a specific solution, and now...

We are pleased to release another addition to the Adlib PDF family - our OEM version.

Adlib PDF OEM is built to provide our OEM Partners with an enterprise-capable solution that better meets their requirements.

The great thing is that most of the functionality we put into Adlib PDF is also useful for OEM partners. Adlib PDF OEM leverages the core engine capabilities our partners have come to rely on through Adlib Express, while enhancing these capabilities to ensure greater reliability, easier troubleshooting, and enhanced scalability.

Intended specifically for OEM Partners, this latest version is a streamlined product that removes unnecessary UI overhead, offers greater flexibility in features licensing, and accelerates development time.

Key features in the new Adlib PDF OEM offering include...

  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Automated Failover
  • Web Services Interface with WCF support
  • Simplified Feature Licensing
  • Centralized Logging and Statistics
  • Standardization via Web Services
  • Simpler installation
  • Easy upgrading
  • InfoPath 2010 support
  • PDF/A-2b support

Request an upgrade of Adlib PDF OEM.

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