Adlibs New IBM FileNet Connector has Left Las Vegas

November 14, 2012

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Adlib booth at IBM Information on Demand 2012

Well we’ve wrapped up our first time exhibiting at IBM’s Information on Demand (IOD) user conference.

Joining me for a few days in Las Vegas were CEO Peter Duff, Product Manager Jon Halbert, and Enterprise Sales Representative Greg Stoneman. There were 12,000+ attendees this year and it was a great event for Adlib.  

Jeanne Hodge of Prudential broke her self-described non-winning streak by winning the Adlib draw for an iPad. She won again a few days later when her house was one of only five in her neighborhood to still have electricity following Hurricane Sandy.

Clearly one of the most discussed topics at IOD on the ECM side was a new offering from IBM – Content Navigator. Customers can use this UI to access content from FileNet, Content Manager, and any repository that is part of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) project.

Content Navigator enables partners – like Adlib – to integrate into one area, while having access to customers from both FileNet and Content Manager.

Within FileNet the Renditions Server provides basic rendering capabilities to a handful of file types, while the Adlib FileNet Connector provides Advanced Rendition capabilities to meet enterprise demands. It features…

  • High fidelity PDF rendering
  • Support for more than 400 file formats
  • Facility for a ‘paperless’ office with advanced full-page OCR capabilities
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Automated workflow integration
  • Web Management Console
  • Centralized Logging
  • System Health and Monitoring
  • Rules-Based Rendering
  • Ability to use the rendition farm for other applications (SharePoint and more)

It was clear to us that Adlib can help organizations using FileNet to be more efficient with their document-to-PDF requirements. We’re looking forward to working with new customers, new partners, and new IBM friends as we enter further into the IBM eco-system.

To learn more about Adlibs FileNet Connector, please feel free to contact me: rmago at adlibsoftware dot com.

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