Adlib demonstrates PDF/A to Information Management Professionals

November 9, 2012

1 minute read

Approximately 200 Information Management (IM) professionals attended the DPI seminar in Ottawa recently.

DPI is the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals, a Canadian volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to promoting development of public sector professionals, and to applying Information Management and Technology (IM/IT) in the Federal Government of Canada, as well as other public sector jurisdictions.

Adlib has a history with DPI… last year Adlib hosted a workshop during DPI’s Professional Development Week (DPW). And this is the second time in 2012 we’ve presented to DPI. In May, during PDW 2012, VP Scott Mackey delivered a presentation on “Pushing the Limits in Document-Intensive Work Processes.” Scott’s slides are available at Adlib SlideShare

The IM pros were there to hear Product Manager Jeff Brand deliver a presentation titled PDF/A – Addressing the challenges of digitizing and preserving paper-based documents in the Government of Canada.

We also met with a gentleman who has been introducing us to high level government people. Bob Charleau, retired Director General, HRDC, Government of Canada, and past president of DPI, is currently a strategic advisor for Maplesoft.

Jeff’s slide deck is already posted and available to members on the DPI website and can be accessed on Adlib SlideShare.
To hear Duff Johnson of the PDF Association describe the different versions of PDF/A, go here and start listening at 33:16.

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