Don’t Overlook PDF Optimization!

May 17, 2012

1 minute read

We all know PDFs are a great format for document sharing.  However, have you ever-noticed similar PDF’s designed for different intents can vary greatly in file size?  (For example, PDF’s designed for high-quality print are larger than PDF’s intended for web collaboration?)  Over the years I have been surprised how often PDF Optimization is often overlooked.

At Adlib, we are constantly exposed to organizations who are challenged to continue to improve their ability to collaborate with employees, customers and partners while controlling their IT costs.

An easy way to help address that issue is by leveraging the PDF Optimization feature found within Adlib’s document-to-PDF transformation software that enables you to reduce your PDF output sizes using the following approaches:

  • Detect and eliminate duplicate images, fonts, ICC profiles and more
  • Optimize image resolution and compression method for a specific purpose such as web or display on-screen
  • Compress PDF objects resulting in additional overall decrease in file size
  • Linarize or web-optimize the structure of the PDF so that the reader can begin to view the document as soon as the first page is downloaded.

Creating high-resolution PDF’s for high-resolution print production or accurate reporting reasons is obvious.  But if you are conscious of your storage limitations, it’s probably a good idea to optimize your PDFs before uploading them to your DM, ECM or CMS to significantly reduce the size of the output file, providing your users and web visitors with quicker access to your document.

By tweaking with the optimization settings within Adlib, you will achieve the perfect balance of document fidelity and file size ideal for your specific needs. The resulting PDF output can be up to 400% smaller resulting in:

  • Reduced Storage Requirements
  • Optimized PDF’s for Web
  • Faster Downloading and Lower Data Costs
  • Mobile Friendly Viewing

So get optimizing!

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