2011: The Year of Living Large

January 31, 2012

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As Adlib approaches its new fiscal year, and we have started a new calendar year, I thought it was a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished in 2011 and where we are going in 2012. Adlib had an exciting year with many milestones including the launch of the industry’s first  document-to-PDF transformation solution that meets the needs of single departmental applications, or scales out to provide PDF services to multiple applications and departments across your entire organization. Adding to its milestones Adlib opened its first European office and the company went through a branding transformation. Some other highlights of 2011 include:


Looking Ahead to 2012...
I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead of us as the introduction of our stunning new product –  Adlib PDF Enterprise Converter has been well received with rave reviews from our customers and new prospects who couldn’t be happier. It was more than two years in the making, leveraging feedback from the market, our customers, partners and with a good dose of Adlib innovation thrown in, we believe we have delivered the industry’s most complete and extensible document-to-PDF solution available today. At the core of Adlib’s business is to enable our customers to streamline their business procesess through the automated creation of the world’s best PDFs! I invite you to stay tuned for more exciting innovations in the coming weeks.


Adlib has always maintained that a key part of our corporate culture is to focus on ensuring the ongoing success of our customers as they implement our software. Across the organization we often talk about what ‘customer success focus’ means at Adlib and this year we have made a further commitment to customer success by investing in a dedicated team to work with our customers to ensure they are getting the most from their investment in our products and their partnership with Adlib. Keep an eye open for lots more on this topic over the coming months, but make no mistake, Adlib loves its customers and we are extremely proud of everything we have achieved together working as a team.


As we continue to push our technology forward, we are broadening our capabilities to connect with different software platforms….wherever the documents reside.We are working on some cloud-related projects to understand how customers may want to leverage cloud-based document and content transformation capabilities in their own organizations.


We’ll be keeping an eye out for updates on Microsoft Wave 15, Office 15, Office 2012 (whatever name they choose in the end) that is anticipated to be released this fall and,quickly on its heels, putting out an update to our Adlib SharePoint workflow connector.


We are charging full steam ahead into 2012, with a 15-city North American seminar tour on Document Compliance, Management & Automation in SharePoint starting in Febuary with our partners K2 and Microsoft. We will also be attending SPTechCon San Francisco 2012 and ShareFest 2012, the SharePoint conference for the life sciences held by NextDocs. Hope to see you at these events; come on by and say hi.


The year has begun with an engaging conversation in the market related to the significant news from Adobe about their LiveCycle product line and according to Gartner, organizations need to ‘’Reassess Adobe’s BPM and CCA Platforms as its Strategy has Shifted”. What is the impact on LiveCyle? Check out our  blog post here and join the conversation!


2012 promises to be a fast paced, challenging and rewarding year for everyone at Adlib. Here’s hoping you have a productive, exciting 2012 ahead of you, too!

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