Nintex and Adlib: Workflow for Everyone

By Paul Dyck | February 13, 2012

It looks pretty calm in this video of me chatting at the  Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 – but in reality, there were people sitting around, on their laptops and mobile phones.

We’ve been working with Nintex since about 2008 – back around when Adlib first adapted our product for use with SharePoint. We investigated the ecosystem of other companies around SharePoint integration and Nintex kept coming up, especially in the area of business process automation, which is where we are.  Adlib combined with Nintex Workflow within SharePoint helps solve a lot of document-related issues.

I’m a huge fan of Nintex, and that started right at the beginning when we were looking into them. As a product manager, I dread evaluating software because that means a big time investment. With Nintex I downloaded it and within 20 minutes, I was running; in under an hour, never having seen the product before, I’d created out my first workflow. It just works. I’ve always admired their ease of use. As a software developer I know how difficult it is to make something simple. Having this complementary product from Nintex that is easy to use is huge value for Adlib and for our customers.

A few years ago the only companies using workflows were really ahead of the curve, but now everyone is talking about it. Business process automation is where people really get their return on investment on SharePoint, on our product, and products like Nintex.

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