World Wouldn’t Be Ending if Mayans Had Used Adlib PDF

December 20, 2012

3 minute read

Tomorrow* thousands of people will be curled up with their favorite belongings and bottles of mezcal to await World’s End, also known as “The end of the world as we know it” (TEOTWAWKI)… MaD (Mayan Doomsday)... Last Day on EarthMayan Apocalypse… and End Times. In anticipation some may not have made what they believe to be their final credit card, utility, and mortgage payments.

Millions more – wearing brave faces – will be going about their typical “Friday before the Holiday”, wondering if there’s anything to the rumors.

Tonnes of stories, conjecture, and beliefs about this event have infiltrated popular culture.
Some enterprising Canadian physicians even authored a short paper on The Mayan Doomsday’s effect on survival outcomes in clinical trials.

Scholars blame Hollywood for its fanciful interpretation of the hieroglyphs, which deliberately avoid knowledge and facts of Mayan culture.

In a later time all this chaos is easily avoided. It exists now only because the Mayans didn’t have access to Adlib PDF. In other words, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

The End of the World confusion we’re experiencing began with mistranslation of a document… in this case a stone etching or carving. Over hundreds of years this document was “transformed” with less than 100% accuracy.

Worse, the records management around this document was non-existent, with the only metadata being a date stamp to the nearest century, and a content author listed only by department (it’s unclear if a tribe, house, or clan is a department.)

As you (but obviously not the Mayans!) know, Adlib PDF accurately converts documents – including scanned images – into high fidelity text-searchable PDFs. 

If the Mayans had used Adlib PDF our services group – which has worked some miracles over the years – would somehow have integrated with the Mayan rock-and-chisel-based processes to create automated PDF outputs. We’d obviously use PDF/A, which is the standard for long term archiving… a critical requirement in this case since we’re talking about hundreds of years, and these are government documents, likely with strict regulatory requirements. 

If only the Mayans had used Adlib PDF, then…

• The calendar would have been easily shareable in a format accessible by every tribe, in every nation, for centuries.
• The calendar would have been stored appropriately, and automatically, with the appropriate metadata. None of this speculation would occur, since all of the content would be searchable with their MECM (Mayan Enterprise Content Management) system
• Conspiracy theorists or scientist could find the indexed information more easily to debunk (or confirm?) TEOTWAWKI
• Information could be appended or redacted as needed. After all, if the world truly is going to end, the Mayan government would want to minimize information leaks!

But jokes (I hope!) about the end of the world aside, there’s a real-life parallel to be drawn here. While the Mayan government wasn’t able to contact Adlib, most of the Global 2000 and Government organizations, especially industries that require high fidelity document transformation (pharmaceutical submissions, manufacturing designs, government information access, insurance claims, utilities management, etc.) all trust Adlib to accurately and automatically convert, combine, enhance, and archive their most important documents. 

What technology are you using to manage your document transformation efforts? Is it tightly integrated and fully automated? Or is your organization working at the same levels as the Mayans?!? We can help you avoid miscommunication, lost information, mistranslated or un-tagged content… but call us soon, because we may not be able to help you after Dec 21st 2012.



* We’re posting this a day early to avoid “the Friday before the Holiday rush,” and NOT because we give any credence to TEOTWAWKI predictions.

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