Representing Adlib at events in the National Capital Region

December 5, 2012

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ARMA NCR Fall IM Days in Ottawa  

Last week I spent two inspiring days hearing keynotes and attending informative breakout sessions at ARMA NCR Fall Days in Ottawa. 

Approximately 270 people attended, many of whom came to hear the keynote speaker, Corrine Charest, CIO for the Government of Canada, speak about how Information Management (IM) in government is undergoing an extreme makeover.

While there was a wide offering of break-out sessions, the one I enjoyed the most was ‘A Modern Information Services Organization – what we need to do differently to meet today’s challenges’, facilitated by Phil Culhane from CT Labs. Mr. Culhane pushed buttons and limits, forcing people to not only think outside of the box, but also forget the box altogether!

The Government of Canada’s IM Strategy – geared towards optimising information – will be posted online in the upcoming months.  If the strategy even remotely resembles some of the tidbits that she alluded to, then the Government will most certainly benefit from the Adlib PDF Enterprise platform. 

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa

Over 150 people attended SharePoint Saturday in Ottawa on December 1. It was the first really cold day of the season, which made the walk from the far parking lot invigorating!

Attendees came from both the public and private sectors. Some consultants sought to familiarize themselves with SharePoint for the first time, while others sought new solutions to help add value to their customers’ SharePoint implementations.

One visitor to the Adlib table posed the common thought-provoking question – “But isn’t PDF free?”

I encouraged him to find the answer at our breakout session. After listening he approached to share with me his “Ah-ha” moment – he thanked me for removing the misapprehension he’d been laboring under. He also suggested that the whole world needs to hear our message about why high fidelity and automatically customized PDFs aren’t free. By attending events like these I’m doing my part to spread the word.

Building a brand and solution awareness in a new industry takes time and patience. That said, the value Adlib brings to the SharePoint ecosystem is passionately acknowledged everywhere we go.

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