Efficiency Trumps Excitement in Information Week Executive Survey

December 14, 2012

2 minute read

What’s the number one thing on IT exec’s minds these days… big data? Social Media? Mobile enablement & BYOD?

No, No, and No.

Well that’s not completely true… they top the list in terms of technologies with the most buzz, and they remain very conference-worthy.

But in terms of actual goals… such as proper business objectives… the techies are coming to grips with reality.

Surprise! It’s back to basics… or at least that’s how I interpreted the results of an Information Week magazine survey of 500 IT managers (IW500)

When asked to name the top three areas in which they expect to innovate, 49% of IW500 cite improving efficiency of business process… making this efficiency area the most cited priority! 

At Adlib our motto is “think efficiency”… so I’ve got to think there might be a happy coincidence of opportunity – IT managers want efficiency and we deliver it.

And the survey found 47% of IW500 execs claimed that collaboration software boosted productivity more than any other tool.

Adlib’s deployments are intimately connected with collaboration software including SharePoint and other ECM vendors.

When I started my career ERP was the flavour of the month. Everyone was on the crest of the hype cycle. And yet how many IT managers spent years trying to extract actual value or business benefit from these systems? The same can be said about CRM, or for that matter SFC, PLM, and any number of other large scale TLAs (three letter acronyms).

Adlib – despite its apparent simplicity – should not be ignored. The processes that we help optimize are often overlooked, but can add significant, practical, value to an organization.  .

So if it’s efficiency you’re after… then instead of jumping to sexy multimillion dollar cloud implementations – while an important part of your overall IT strategy – perhaps you might look at the basics…
• Automated archiving
• Paperless documents
• Streamlined customer inquiries

Interestingly, while the number one non-IT responsibility of CIOs was Telecom (66%) (arguably a part of IT)… the next three highest areas were Innovation (34%)… Business Process Management (33%)… and Operations (13%). These all align clearly with the kind of value drivers that Adlib’s deceptively simple solutions deliver.  

If you’re starting to see how your organization might benefit from fixing a specific business problem – instead of just chasing the latest tech trend, maybe we should chat!  In the interim, check out the recent Adlib webcast on business processes: Adlib Case Study Webinar - Open Up Your Mind to Your PDF Possibilities.  During this session we highlight several different business processes that our customers have optimized with our technology to achieve real results.  Maybe we can do the same for you?!?

What were your top priorities for 2012… did you acheive them?  What are your goals for 2013?  Do your IT plans align with specific business goals? 

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