Announcing the Adlib Customer and Partner Portal

December 17, 2012

1 minute read

It’s the holiday season and what better way to celebrate then with the gift of a handy 24/7 online support tool from Adlib?

We are thrilled to announce that the Adlib Portal for customers and partners is now live! Developed to assist you in creating and tracking your support cases, many of you have already seen the Portal. Did you also know that there is a knowledge base section that provides exclusive on-going technical information? Or a link to request software upgrades? This is just the beginning of what you can accomplish on the Portal as we strive to continue the sense of community that we already enjoy with you, our customers.

As part of our mission to deliver the best support and services,  the Portal will be further developed to provide many more useful features including technical blogs, product release/upgrade notes, live support chat, maintenance and license information, and users forums.  We’d also like to hear about any other features you might find helpful in the future.

How does this tool benefit you? Create cases on the weekends or after support hours. Find answers to product questions by searching the Knowledge Base or just look up a contact link to email Adlib a question or request. You’ll be able to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently from this one convenient and central location.

So sit back, sip some egg nog, and check out the Adlib Portal. Follow this link or email  to get started today!


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