KMWorld Article by Adlib: SharePoint and the PDF – It’s About the Content

April 13, 2012

1 minute read

There is no debating that the rapid adoption of Microsoft® SharePoint® over the past few years has been nothing short of absolutely phenomenal.   However, with that rapid adoption came many stories of less than optimal implementations with feedback such as:

“Our SharePoint is being used as a file dumping ground, or we put the content into SharePoint and can’t find it, or our SharePoint deployment is not setup to service any one or group very well, etc…”  

So what I’m seeing today is a growing trend of companies doing what I call version 2.0 implementations of SharePoint.  These are better thought-out strategies to effectively redeploy and leverage SharePoint within their organization based on the shortcomings of their initial experience.   One of the more frequently noted revelations is how their initial deployments focussed more on the design of SharePoint (where to put things) while almost forgetting about the accessibility of content that was going to drive its successful utilization.

So, since this is a blog and not a paper, I thought I refer you to article I just submitted to KMWorld logically ironically titled "SharePoint and the PDF – It’s About the Content". Since content is a critical intersection point for SharePoint users, the ability to enhance content brought into or created in SharePoint by transforming it into an accessible format like PDF (a more suitable format for its intended use and users) will promote adoption of SharePoint and significantly enhance its value.  I would love to hear about your personal SharePoint experiences!

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