Nothing But Net at Masters Summit 2011

September 14, 2011

1 minute read

Mark Eaton NBA with Rupin Mago of AdlibThis being our second year at the Masters Summit, the annual MasterControl User Group conference, things have kicked off really well! Yesterday MasterControl had Mark Eaton, former NBA All-star, give a motivational speech. He contributed his principles to his NBA team’s success, which are:

1. Know your job

2. Do what you’re asked to do

3. Make people look good

4. Protect others

Adlib did a joint presentation with MasterControl called PDF Tips and Tricks. The room was packed with people eager to learn how they can better troubleshoot their document transformation problems.

We learnt quite a bit listening to individual issues from customers, who had such similar issues as each other. This inspired me to spend Wednesday with Stephen Fisher, Technical Account Manager at Adlib, along with MasterControl customers in what we call PDF Therapy sessions.

Customers provide us with their problematic documents or workflows and we would diagnose and resolve the issue right on the spot. It’s been a successful adventure, primarily because Stephen is a great problem solver who not only resolves issues, but explains what caused the issue and why a certain change to the rendering server would result in what the customer is looking for.

Adlib sponsors the go-kart racing event which is tonight, and we’re raffling off a Toshiba Thrive tablet, which fits in quite nicely at the conference because MasterControl just launched their MC Mobile product which enables customers to access their MasterControl environment from their iOS or Android phones and tablets. Today the company held a “test drive lab” to let people explore Master Control Mobile in a hands-on environment.

We’re looking forward to next year’s Masters Summit, which will be held at Park City, Utah.

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