Life is No Drag at Adlib

October 31, 2011

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"Back by Popular Demand: Adlib's Annual Halloween Extravaganza...Criteria: Must be 18, have a creative bone in your body, and no live animals - unless walking on two feet and human..." So read today's email from HR, and the results were hilarious!

Adlib Marketing DivasBest Team Costume: Marketing Department's divas, aka Drag Queens; no one really knew what to make of this gaggle of bewigged, bejewelled and feathered ladies!

Best individual Costume: John from IT with his disturbing clown face matching his beloved t-shirt (inspired by The Simpsons) message: Can't Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me

Can't Sleep Clown Will Eat Me 

Best Scary Scene: The Pirate ship regularly known as Customer Support; from the friendliness of this support team member, you can see they don't make you walk the plank when you call Adlib!

Pirate Customer Support Adlib Batman Pumpkin

Best Pumpkin: An inspiring carving of the Dark Knight, aka Batman, from IT. 

Honourable mentions to the green-faced witches at the front desk, and our CEO for his turn as a skeleton, and most of all - to the dynamic duo who went as YipYip (the alien from Seasame Street) and the telephone that he discovers.













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